To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

About Us

A Time to Laugh is a extension of the Abundant Laughter Children's Ministry.


Spreading God's Word through Ventriloquism, puppetry,  Dramatic art, music, and skits.

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At age 6 Laminda started a puppet ministry from behind a small podium in her Sunday school class, at twelve she took up the hobby of ventriloquism.  Although some ventriloquists prefer off-color humor, A Time to Laugh's humor is wholesome and family-friendly with good Christian values. 


Laminda is a very talented young lady with a heart and mind for children's ministry. Her talent with ventriloquism, puppetry, and art is brilliant. She has been a tremendous blessing to the Abundant Laughter team and is truly one of the cohesive elements of the team. Her various characters both in front of and behind the stage help to bring the lessons to life in an entertaining and interesting way that keep children of all ages engaged. When performing her inspirational art to music she often leaves the audience wanting more. As a member of Abundant Laughter or solo, Laminda is an excellent minister in her methods and styles of ministering and is sure to leave you laughing or crying.    
-Marlon Miller  *Abundant Laughter Children's Ministry*


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